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TN Elections Coordinator

The Tennessee Elections Coordinator has finally received my "Qualifying Candidate Petition."  As per regulations when running for Congress, a person must get at least 25 signatures from registered voters within their district.  This basically petitions the state to put a hopeful candidate on the ballot, allowing them to run a campaign to gain the voters confidence and hopefully their vote.  I got my petition on February 3, 2020, got the required amount of signatures, actually got 26, and sent in the petition on February 10, 2020.  I sent it through certified mail from Waverly, TN to the Elections Coordinator in Nashville, TN.  I am unsure as to why, even with the holiday, it took so long to be couriered to the correct place, given that Waverly is but an hour and a half drive to Nashville.  Even with the hiccup, I received an email today from the Elections Coordinator, letting me the paperwork had been received and the signatures are currently being verified.  As long as at least 25 signatures are verified, I should become an official candidate for Tennessee's Congressional District 7.  In an early "News" related article, I posted all the counties that were within this district, so please feel free to check the article out, so you know if you fall within the district when it comes time for voting.  Also, please keep up with our Events, as hopefully, I will be able to hold one of my "Campaign Conversations" soon.  Flyers will be made and handed out within the local community.  My first one is hopefully going to be February 29, 2020, at the Elks Lodge in Waverly, and I am hoping to see Waverly and McEwen residents there.  Elections are very important and everyone should be involved and know all the candidates involved in the election.  Always stay knowledgeable, and in my opinion, never vote for a Candidate, just because of their party affiliation.  Always vote for the best policies, you believe, would be best for our district and our country.  Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!

Scott Vieira for Congress
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