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This currently sucks!

With all this hype and panic about COVID-19 our campaign, unfortunately, has come to a grinding halt. With only being able to do things online and not being able to get out and about and set up actual events, like fundraisers and such, this is putting a damper on the progress we were making.  Hopefully the restrictions and such will become less restrictive, allowing me to get back to doing what I was doing.  While I personally think things are a bit outrageous, I understand those who are worried.  As a realist I understand that we cannot protect ourselves from germs and bacteria 100% of the time and no matter what we do, things like this will continue to happen throughout our life.  So, for me it's just another day.  For everyone else, stay safe, wash your hands, and do your best to enjoy yourself if you can!

Once this is all over with, I will be back on the grind again!

Scott Vieira for Congress
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