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I received the phone call today!  I officially have 25 verified signatures and will be on the ballot!  I can officially start taking donations and setting up for my first "Campaign Conversation!"  I'm so excited.  This is the beginning of a long and powerful journey!  Hopefully it will end with succeeding to being voted in, but if not, than at least I gave it a try!  So, from here on out, be looking out for my events!  Subscribe to the page so you get notified when events and news are uploaded.  I will be tackling this head on!  I will be going to look for sponsors and hopefully be able to do a fundraiser soon, in order to help with getting contributions and such, for the campaign trail!  If you are willing to contribute it will be appreciated.  If not, then the ability to get my name out there and my website, is greatly appreciated as well.  So, I just wanted to give the great news, so everyone knows, that it is official!  I will be contacting Facebook and a few other sites, so they will have the information that they need in order to know that I am for sure, an actual candidate, verified by the State Elections Coordinator!  I will be on the ballot for November 3, 2020.  I will not be on the ballot in August, as I am not running with a primary party!  I am a 3rd party ticket member!  So, with that, I will end this and get to work! Hope to see you at one of the "Campaign Conversations!'  As always, never be afraid to contact me with any questions, concerns, or just to chat!

Scott Vieira for Congress
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