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Just some of my thoughts and a chance to just talk to my supporters/fellow Tennesseans

I am so excited about the upcoming election and the road ahead to try and obtain enough voters to be elected.  I truly feel the way I am going to go about this is something my fellow Tennesseans will actually enjoy.  This is me being optimistic.  I truly do not know if I will actually ever garnish support or anything of the such.  I just feel that what my plans are, are actually a great thing and that people will like it.  One of my friends asked me the other day, "So, what are you going to promise or say to people, who come to your function or meet on the street, to persuade them to vote for you?"  In all honesty, as a friend of mine, I was surprised by the question.  If they know anything about me, then they know asking that question is a waste of time.  As Al Pacino once said, while portraying Antonio Montana, "A man has his word and his balls, and I don't break them for nobody" (Scarface).  I truly believe in that.  I will not make a promise to anyone, unless I truly intend to keep that promise.  So, I cannot promise that I will vote against certain legislation, unless I am 100% sure, its legislation that I feel would harm America.  I will not promise to come to your house and handle these problems you're having, unless I really could.  I will not LIE to anyone either.  I am a very honest, transparent, blunt, and outspoken person, and I tend to stay that way.  Ask me anything and I will give you the honest truth, no matter how bad it may reflect on me, because eventually, especially in politics, the dirty laundry comes out.  So, might as well not lie, even if it's used against me in the long run.  I am not going to PERSUADE anyone to vote for me either.  I will leave the decision to vote up to the voter.  Maybe in the beginning they want to vote for me, but then they go to another campaign and hear another candidates policies and ideas and believe they are better.  As long as people are voting because they took the time to think about policies as a whole, instead of a party, then I am happy.  If anyone votes for me, I will be very grateful for their votes.  I will be happy and excited.  But, I will not say or do things, just to grab votes.  We have to many politicians doing that already, and if no one has noticed, our current state of politics is more like a circus.  If anything, continuously seeing our politicians pine to the American people, lie to them, use them as pawns in their political games, and constantly shout that they know what we want, when, they've never even took the time to talk to us.  Yes, we may have voted for them, based upon their party affiliation or their ideas, but, how many of us voted for our incumbent of District 7, Mark Green, and now every time he votes on legislation, it's the same as his ideas that he told us?  I don't know.  They never take the time to listen to our grievances either.  Almost every time you contact them, you get the secretary and then when you get a call back, it's the same person.  It's never the actual representative.  At least in my experience.  I have emailed Senator Blackburn countless times about problems with the VA and every time, I never actually hear from the Senator.  Yes, they are busy doing their thing, but they have time to make actual phone calls, send personal emails, or something.  They are not working 24/7 with no down time.  These are the things I am hoping to change.  Yes, if elected you will talk to a secretary when you call, but, when I have the time, I will personally call people back.  Supporters or not.  Why?  Because this gives people the feeling that their opinions, ideas, and grievances actually matter.  And, trust me, to me, they do.  Even if we disagree or don't see eye to eye, doesn't mean your opinions, ideas, and grievances don't matter.  I would rather you hear directly from me on the issue you are having and the way we are going about trying to help you, then to hear an automated machine or a secretary.  I will make the time.  Because, my fellow Tennesseans, especially those in District 7 and all Americans, and their well being, matters to me.  


So, I will not pine, use you as a pawn, lie, make a ton of promises, or beg for your vote.  I will not tell you voting for another candidate is stupid or is going to ruin America.  Instead, I am going to be honest, treat you like you matter, promise that I will be your voice, promise to listen to you, and actually take the time to tell you, that you should listen to every candidate that is running, and then base your vote on who you believe holds the same values as you do.  If that is me, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!  It's truly appreciated.  If it's not, then no hard feelings.  You made a decision and voted for what you thought was best, and I do not blame you.  All I will ever ask anyone, is just to think and vote on policies, not on party.


For the longest time, we have been voting Democrat or Republican, expecting different outcomes, yet, getting the same results.  It's the definition of insanity.  There are an infinite amount of ways to run government, why we constantly only vote for two is baffling, and to be quite honest, for me, it's getting to the point where I don't know what's up or down anymore.  Yes, our economy is doing great.  But, as we all know, it only takes the wrong President, either Democrat or Republican to take that away.  President George W. Bush was a Republican and he sent us into a recession.  President Obama had nowhere to go but up, since we were already so down (although there is no viable facts to prove he saved us from a depression).  So, let's try something new.  Someone who holds some of the values of both parties, but has NEW, INTERESTING ideas and does things a different way.  Let's take the chance to see if new politics works.  If not, well, than once again no hard feelings.  All I ask is that you THINK and not just vote a certain way out of spite or hatred or malice or just because they are Democrat/Republican.  


Well, I hope that you'se have enjoyed reading this or in some way it has shed light on somethings.  I'll be honest, I don't know if anyone ever will come to this website, if anyone ever will read this, yet, I keep it updated as much as possible--as I do my Facebook and Twitter (got Instagram now too!)--because there is a chance that I will get supporters, sponsors, or endorsements.  So, I will continue to do my job, even when no one is looking, because the Marine Corps taught me about integrity.  


I hope everyone enjoys the road ahead, keeps up with the politics of our country, and most importantly, lives the best life possible.


Thanks for reading,

Scott A. Vieira Jr (Veteran's Party of America) (Constitutionalist)

Scott Vieira for Congress
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