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Event scheduled

We have scheduled an event for Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm at the Elks Lodge in Waverly.  The address is 920 W. Main St. Waverly, TN 37185.  For any information, please feel free to check under the "Events" tab, and it should have a phone number to contact for the event.  This is my phone number and I will gladly answer any questions you may have about the event.  We will be making flyers in the next few days and handing them out, putting them in mailboxes, and hopefully, they will be found in some of the local businesses in Waverly and McEwen.  I am hoping that residents from Waverly and McEwen will come out and have a conversation with me.  My idea for my political rallies has been outlined on this page, and I encourage all my visitors to see what I mean by "Campaign Conversations."  My idea is to only use about 15-20 minutes to introduce myself and give you a little insight about me.  After that, I will encourage the audience to ask questions about the issues, my life, or they can tell me their grievances and/or opinions on what should be done.  I plan on allowing 15-20 minutes for each person who would like to ask questions and have a small conversation with me.  These events WILL BE TAPED, and the videos will be uploaded to this website and our Facebook.  Possibly even our Twitter.  This way the word will be able to get out about how we are doing things, in hopes of bringing in bigger crowds with various viewpoints.  The camera will be situated on me.  There will be a person afterwards, before uploading, who will transcribe the videotape, so this way we can take down your ideas, opinions, or grievances, and if elected, will take those to Congress with me, and use them as a way to create legislation.  Who knows better for the country, then the people themselves, right?  Well, that's the idea.  So, please come out, look for the flyers, and as always, "Vote policies, not party. Let's make society civil again!"

Scott Vieira for Congress
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