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"Campaign Conversations" not "Rally"

Hello my fellow Tennesseans, and possibly other fellow Americans who don't reside in the state of TN, 


I Scott A. Vieira Jr, am creating this article in the hopes that I can explain to you the idea that I have for what would be considered a rally.  During campaign rallies, I feel like all we do is listen to the person who is trying to get elected, but we are never allowed to ask questions.  While this is how things are normally done, and allows the candidate to talk about the issues and the reasons why they feel like they are the best person to represent you, I am not wanting to do that.  Instead, I have developed an idea that I like to call "Campaign Conversations."  

What are "Campaign Conversations?"  Think of this as an experiment, but please, don't let it persuade you not to come out.  We should always go to events, dealing with our possible representatives, even those we don't align with, so we can hear what they have to say, which in turn, would help us decide how we would like to vote.  During these "Rallies," most of the time, the people sit there and listen to the representative ramble on about the issues and such, and why you should vote for them.  For me, and my political organization, we have decided, instead of me rambling on about the issues, and asking for your vote, we are going to have conversations with the people.  This is what I mean, when I say, "Campaign Conversations."


What happens at one of these "Conversations?"  During these "Conversations," I will come out and speak for roughly 15 minutes of the time we have for the venue.  I will tell you who I am, where I grew up, some information about my life, and nothing more.  From there, I will open the floor to the people there, and give them roughly, 15-20 minutes, to ask questions about the issues, or whatever they would like to know.  I will answer the questions, and also give the person asking the question, a chance to make a rebuttal, or tell me why they agree or disagree with me.  The plan is to get as many people as possible to ask questions, while also allowing them enough time to make a rebuttal, or just have a CONVERSATION.  This will also open the floor for the people to tell me what their issues are and what they would personally like to see tackled.  It will also allow them to help me formulate ideas for possible legislation.  I will have a volunteer there, who will take your name, and then take down the possible ideas you have, so this way, you know that I am actually listening to what you want, and if your idea is good enough, and I am elected, then you will know that your idea helped to stimulate the legislation, and in turn, hopefully, you will feel like you truly are actively participating in the legislation passed within our country, by Congress.


What kind of questions can I ask?  You can ask questions about certain issues, ask me questions about my personal life, or almost any other questions, that you feel, would give you an opportunity to understand my position on certain issues, or in someway, will be able to help you understand who I am as a person.  Both, of which, is and should be relevant, as to helping you decide on whether or not you will vote for me or not.  So, feel free to make a list of questions that you would like, and if you can, be able to ask them within the 15-20 minute time frame we are giving to people who want to ask.  DO NOT BE AFRAID to ask me questions.  In order to have a conversation, we must be able to ask questions, while also actively listening.  


Why are you doing this, other than the traditional way?  Our country has currently become a cesspool of individuals, who will not have a conversation with opposing viewpoints.  I feel like this would be a great way to tackle that issue, and hopefully, open people up to the idea, of just talking, and discussing ideas.  If we could make more people, just sit down and have conversations with each other, and pass around political ideas, I believe could make actual progress from within our community and country.  If all we are going to do, is yell and scream, and call each other nasty things, we are not actually making progress.  It is very hindering to scream and yell, and call each other names, where a simple conversation, could possibly help the situation better.  We should always be open to new ideas, and varying opinions, as that's how we learn to compromise, and compromising is a great way to make actual progress in our country.  So, I am hoping, if this becomes a hit, more people will be open to the idea, and we can actually get a bunch of different, varying opinions, and be able to pass around ideas.  If at the end of the day, we leave it at, "Agree to disagree", that's fine.  As long as we have had a respectful political discourse, where we were able to listen to each other, without all the nonsense, then we are still making progress, and that is what it's all about, as progress is what we would all love to see keep happening in our country!


All in all, I believe, this would be more productive, then people listening to me ramble on and on about the issues.  With this idea, you would have the chance to tell me your ideas as well, and like recently stated, those ideas will be put down, and possibly, if I'm elected, be used in shaping legislation that I plan on championing in our Federal Congress.  I believe, if you feel like your ideas are actually being heard, you will feel more fulfilled with someone who has actually took the time to listen, and possibly, even respond too.  I believe that we should have a say from within inside our government.  Is it not tiring hearing "I know what the American people want" on the news all the time, yet the person has never even actually sat down and talked to you?  Even if you agree with what he says, he still actually hasn't took the time to talk to you, so how would he know what's best for you?  He doesn't even know you or has took the time to talk to you.  I don't want to be that kind of elected official.  I truly want to hear your ideas, your grievances, and have a conversation with you, so if I am elected, I could truly say, "I know so and so, agrees with me, and through their ideas, I have helped design legislation, that I know will benefit them, because I took the time to talk with them, and hear them out!"  That is my plan.  

I hope this has been informative for you, and has answered the basic questions as to what my plans are!  So, come out to one of my events, I don't mind what political party you associate with, and have a conversation with me.  Let's have a conversation and see if we can come to a compromise, so everyone feels like their ideas and opinions, have been listened to and respected.  Let's get some ACTUAL PROGRESS going, for ourselves, our society, and our Country.  Let's see if we can change the current state of affairs in our country, where people cannot even take the time to listen to opposing viewpoints, without first screaming and yelling, and calling each other names.  Let's change this, let's have a discussion.  Let's show the country it's possible to listen to opposing viewpoints, without all the hate.  Let's make some positive changes!

Scott Vieira for Congress
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