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Campaign Conversation scheduled

We have gone ahead and scheduled a campaign conversation! This conversation will be held on Facebook, from my Facebook page, on March 16, 2020. This is due to the public safety and health due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). While I do not believe the media hype, it may be best to start out this way, instead of with a public venue, where some people may feel they are more at risk for exposure! So, in order to adapt to this spreading virus and the growing hysteria, the best way to start out, would be to hold a conversation using technology, where people may interact comfortable within their own homes, keeping down the risk of exposure! So, follow me on Facebook at "Scott Vieira for U.S. House of Representatives Tennesse's District 7." 


We will also be handing out flyers to local businesses over the next couple of days in Humphreys County, to include the cities of Waverly, McEwen, and New Johnsonville! Please also note, that this is not how I will conduct all of my Conversations! This is just how we will start out! Hopefully in the upcoming days, weeks, or even possibly months, the virus will get contained and we will be able to switch to public venues! Until then, this is the best way to move forward and minimize risk! 


Hope to see you there on Monday! 

Scott Vieira for Congress
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