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All paperwork turned in again, waiting on the State Elections Coordinator

So, last time I posted a news event, I had only 21 verified signatures.  Since then, I have got another 12 signatures.  As with the first time, now it is just waiting for Humphrey's County to verify the signatures and send that information to the State Elections Coordinator.  I feel a little bad though.  Tuesday, Super Tuesday, night I emailed her, thinking she wouldn't get the message until the morning, since it was like between 10 and midnight.  I didn't think they would be working through the night, dealing with counting votes and stuff still.  So, I feel bad because I actually bothered her during her time of work with Super Tuesday.  It takes a lot longer to count votes than I expected it too.  That's my bad, and if Britney McDaniel ever reads this, my apologies.  So, that's where we are currently at.  I have been handing out flyers in Waverly and McEwen.  We have been exploring different places for venues, so when 4 more signatures are verified, we will be all set and ready to go.  Besides that, Spring Break is next week for me, as a college student.  I have been focusing most of my efforts on college this past week, since we turned in the new petition.  Luckily, this time, we personally delivered it to Britney ourselves, saving us an entire week of it going through the USPS.  So, with that, and midterms all this week, my main focus has been on college.  Will update more during my Spring Break, as we give it until Monday to hear something, before we start calling around and asking questions, since we have already lost such precious time.  Until then, enjoy the new warmer weather, say a prayer (if you're into that) for those affected by the Tornado, and enjoy as much time as you can with your family!

Scott Vieira for Congress
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