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All About Me and my thoughts!

I believe this to be a civic duty, an honor, and a pleasure to serve the American people, especially those from District 7 in TN. I am not looking for a paycheck. I am not looking for fame and fortune. I am not looking for my own Wikipedia page. I am looking to give EVERYDAY, AVERAGE, BLUE COLLAR, HARD WORKING, and POOR AMERICANS, a voice from within Congress. I understand, if elected, that a salary is given. I WILL WORK HARD FOR THAT SALARY. I will put in long hours Monday through Friday, doing MY JOB and EARNING my paycheck. It's time that we get back to our Founding Fathers original basic principles. For all other inquiries, please use the menu to navigate to the "Issues" page. For recent news and updates, please follow the appropriate tabs under the Menu tab. If you would like to volunteer, please go to the "Volunteer" page and fill out the required form. If you are willing to contribute to my campaign, please go to the "Donations" tab, under the Menu. There should be a link, that takes you to the website, that explains the Contribution laws and any penalties that may concur, if in violation of the campaign finance laws. If you would like to subscribe to the page, for frequent and updated news and events, please go to the respective page and send us your email. This way, you can stay up-to-date on current news dealing with the campaign, and any new events that may be scheduled, to include new "Campaign Conversations", where they will be, when, at what address, and at what time. To find out who currently is apart of my political organization "Scott Vieira For Congress" please look under the "Contacts" page. All volunteers information, to include their email, should be available. I have also gave instructions under my Contact info, in case you are interested in calling me and having a conversation with me. Don't ever be afraid to reach out to me. Even if elected, please reach out to me, and hold me accountable for any and all actions, that you believe were inappropriate. I want to be the Candidate who is different and actually takes the time to listen to, and have a conversation with, my fellow Tennesseans and my fellow Americans.

Scott Vieira for Congress
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