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25 Signatures Obtained, but a small issue has arisen

Recently, on February 3, 2020, I was given a qualifying candidate petition.  I was able to secure 26 registered voters, within my district, to sign my petition, and have sent that information to the State Elections Committee in Nashville.  I have also officially applied within the Federal Election Committee.  Currently, my Political Campaign Organization, called "Scott Vieira for Congress" has hit a slight bump in the road.  Getting a bank account, in order to receive donations for more than $50 in cash, has been more rougher than expected.  With banks having such varying qualifications to open an account under the name of a political organization, has put a slight dent in the efforts to establish everything legally.  Luckily, my will and drive to do this, hasn't been halted.  I am, with my Treasurer, have been working long hours and making tons of phone calls, in order to get ourselves established the proper way.  We will not allow this to defeat us!  I will update more as soon as I have more information to give.  This "News" section will be my own personal way of relating information to any of my supporters, or anyone who is interested in checking me out, and would like updates or "news" on how this campaign is doing, while also keeping as up to date as possible, what we are doing.  Our "Events" section will be updated, as well, for those interested in coming to hear me speak, and where I stand on the issues.  We will also use this "News" section, to update how those went, and possibly even get quotes from individuals that attended, so you will be able to get a general consensus on how our fellow Tennesseans, within our District, feel I am doing on issues and such.  I will be updating this as regularly as possible.  This is from me, PERSONALLY.  If not directly from me, than from my wife.  My goal is to make sure I am available to anyone, instead of hearing it from someone else, who may be apart of my campaign.  As an American, I do find it frustrating, that our representatives, don't take the time to talk to us personally, and seem to always only hear from their staff.  Sometimes, it would be great to have a conversation with our representatives, in a variety of ways, and hear directly from them, and for the most part, we don't get that.  I don't want to be that type of person.  So, anything updated on this webpage, will be done by myself or my wife.  That is a personal promise to you.

Scott Vieira for Congress
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