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The current tax plan, under President Trump, is a great tax plan, and I believe we should keep this up. The only mandate that I believe we need to do, when it comes to taxes, is to make sure that everyone is paying their fair share of taxes. If we are to be compelled to pay taxes, or we can be fined or jailed, then so should the wealthy and the 1%. But, do not tax them at such a high rate, that it causes them to liquidate their assets, shut down their companies and run away. This would, effectively, put MILLIONS of people out of work. What the Democrats don't understand about that, I don't know. And that's not a shot at the Democrats. If my poor self can picture this happening, I'm certain the rich and the richest people, are on constant guard, because they already have a plan, to do exactly what I said. There are no laws Congress or the President could pass, that would be Constitutional, that could force a person to keep their businesses open. Some businesses file bankruptcy, shortly after a verdict is announced, if they don't like the fact, they were legally obligated to pay someone millions of dollars in damages. So, there's no way, Bernie Sanders, or any of the Democrats in Congress, could force anyone to pay 60-90% of their profits in taxes, after they've shut down their businesses, liquidated their assets, and put their money into offshore accounts. The Trump Tax Plan is great, just believe we should make sure that EVERYONE is paying their taxes, fairly, and within their tax brackets.

Scott Vieira for Congress
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