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Immigration, which is such a broad subject, always seems to be answered with such simple answers, from both sides.

The Left- "Let everyone in the country, even if they hop the border."

The Right- "Deport all illegal immigrants."

I truly stand with the Republicans on this issue, in the form of those who cross the border illegally. But, where do I stand with Visas? DREMers? The Border? The Border Wall? All these questions are apart of the issue of immigration. In this post, I will tackle all of them, individually, so you know where I stand with each issue, instead of just giving a simple answer, to such a broad issue.

Illegal Immigrants who cross the border? I believe we need to give ICE the same kind of federal authority as we do the FBI, so this way their warrants and the states, wouldn't be able to impede upon their job of arresting individuals here illegally. Also, we need to design a system, that doesn't hold illegal immigrants in jail, for a long time, as it puts a burden on the taxpayer. Yes, I believe they are allowed the fairness of due process in our country, when they are caught. Sometimes though, it takes YEARS, before the individual is actually deported, for violating our immigration laws. We need to design a system, that will help further this along and make it quicker, so the taxpayers are not burdened with them being held in jail. Anyone who is caught crossing either border, or somehow is find a way to get into this country, without going through the proper channels, should, in fact, be deported back to their country, where they can then go through the proper channels.

Visas? If anyone in this country, overstays their visas, the same should happen as those who entered illegally. Although you came on a Visa, you failed to update your status. This means, you are violating American laws and you should be deported. Your Visa let's you know when it expires, and you have plenty of time, to take the proper steps to keep the Visa valid. If you fail to give yourself enough time, for them to make a decision, that is your own fault. If you know a student Visa takes about 4 months to be decided on from start to finish, on average, then it's probably best if you reapply when you still have about 8 months remaining, this way it doesn't expire and you don't have to worry about the possibility of being deported for overstaying. If you fail to do this, then that is your own fault, and you are subjected to the laws of this country, and you should be deported, just like everyone else. If you want to become a citizen, then make sure to apply while you are on your Visa, and then continue to keep your Visa, while you citizenship application is being processed.

DREAMers? Since these individuals came to the United States at a very young age, and this is the only country they know, and they are actual taxpaying individuals, then I believe the program is wonderful, but changes need to be made ASAP. DREAMers, are given free education to colleges and such. They are allowed to be on this program, without ever having to apply for citizenship. I don't believe this is right, and that we should change that. We should make it, so they have an incentive to apply for citizenship, as soon as possible. They don't know any other country, so I am not for punishing them, for their parents mistakes. I am for, making them be just as equal as our Natural born and legal immigrants in our country. How do we handle this? Allow these individuals to stay, and if they choose to go to higher learning after high school, let it happen. If, when they are 18, they don't seek higher education, then their DREAMer application, becomes a citizenship application, but it also keeps them from being deported, as they still get to stay on the DREAMer's program, but are not given the incentives and benefits of it, other than, not getting deported. If, when they choose 18, they graduate high school and continue their education, no more than 2 years of free schooling. This doesn't mean they could only go for an Associates Degree. They could attend a 4 year college, but only 2 of those years will be covered. During those two years, their application for citizenship is put at the top, which would help them have a path to citizenship, much sooner. This will help those individuals, become American citizens, while also, taking the burden of the taxpayer, paying for their education, off the shoulders of the taxpayers. This would fall under the DACA as well. They are both kind of hand and hand.

The Border? We must maintain our border security, to the South and the North. I believe we must expand the Border Patrol agency, allow the hiring of more agents, and make their duty stations at the border. Our borders should be protected, as every other nation, protects their borders as well.

The Border Wall? This one was a little tricky at first, just to be quite honest. At first, I was not for a wall. I felt like it would a waste of our resources, and people could easily just climb over the wall, or continue to dig tunnels underneath it. So, what would've been the point? Then, our Border Patrol agents came out in support of the wall, and said it would be an extremely helpful resource in the fight for our border protection. So, I am 100% for the Border Wall now, because the people who do the job, our Border Patrol agents, deserve the equipment necessary, that they feel, would benefit them in their job. Imagine telling a Marine they cannot have a rifle to fight in a war. Marines would die rather quickly, no? Well, same thing for our border patrol. Who knows better, than the agents who do the actual job? No one. They know what they would need in order to help the flow of illegals, drugs, and most importantly, human traffickers. So, let's fight to give our Border Patrol agents, the biggest, strongest, dug down into the Earth to prevent tunneling, WALL that they need!

Scott Vieira for Congress
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